As it is the Spotsylvania County Museum’s goal to make the County’s history as accessible as possible, we welcome you to our virtual exhibits!

There are currently three virtual exhibits. We hope you enjoy them!

Virtual Exhibit 1: Clerks of the Court
Take a close look at those who have served as Clerk of the Court in Spotsylvania throughout the years.

Virtual Exhibit 2: Citizens of Spotsy
View a photo album found in 2010 that showcases faces of Spotsylvania County residents circa 1855 to 1870.

Virtual Exhibit 3: The Tavern at the Courthouse
Most of us stop at the traffic light or drive by it everyday. The big tan brick building with the large columns has quite a history. View it in our virtual gallery.

Virtual Exhibit 4:  Sheriffs and Jails

A listing of the individual Sheriffs and a history of our jails

There will be new exhibits featured throughout the year, so please check back.